Want to many followers Instagram? Selebgram said

Want to many followers Instagram? Selebgram said

“Follback dong!” Have a lot of followers on social media so one of pride for the millennial.

Photographer Pramudina Narundana is one of the owner of the account with the amount of followers Instagram to tens of thousands.

Dina revealed the secret that makes it managed to steal the hearts of social media users.

1. good Content
Upload interesting photos that match your interests, whether it’s themed fashion, food or scenery. Make photos clear and not technically problematic, e.g. photographic images broke or blur due to hand-shake when photographing.

“I just wanted to post a photo that’s really good on Instagram,” says the woman who started having account Instagram since 2011.

Female birth 1 February 1991 it happy travelling, nature and landscape photos so often graced the Instagramnya.

2. Informative
Caption it is important to explain the photo uploaded. Dina says each photo must have a informative story.

3. Communicative
He slipped the sentences that make it can interact with followers on Instagram.

For example, “good afternoon, have eaten yet?” that could invite people to comment.

4. find the theme of interest
Find what area of interest to be realized in the form of a photo will be uploaded to Instagram. When you like culinary, trying to find somewhere new to eat lah so that more and more content. If you are fond of travelling, please walk around in order to get nice photos and diverse.

Fashionistas can often come to the fashion show for the latest fashion clicked. When you are lucky, you will incur the appropriate client with the character that carried. “It could be much endorse.”

5. Be consistent
Do not wanting to have a lot of followers when you just upload a photo of three months, unless you are a famous people such as actor. You must be consistent in uploading a photo, for example, one photo per day.

Dina can upload up to five photos in one day while walking around exploring new places. When there is no activity or a new photo, he was uploading old photos that have never been distributed to his followers.

Consistent style is also applied to photos you critical limits stretcher, such as white or black or with sephia filter certain flagship so the tone of each photo remains the same.

6. vs Moment Gadget
The photos capture the moment captured the moment more important than gadget you use. You prefer the clicked photo with the camera, which is not a problem for momennya could be enshrined.

“I terganteng the moment that moment again holding what, camera or mobile phone,” said Dina.

However, he argues the camera technology is still not replaceable despite the increasingly sophisticated mobile phones with this feature and it is.

“Lensanya kan differently, such as in mobile can blur as well but, unlike digital camera blur.”

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