The Sport Of Swimming For Asthma Patients

Sport swimming pool that is a very good exercise for the treatment of asthma, asthma patients nonetheless was young. This sport is certainly so the recommendationsdoctors-general practitioners or lung specialist.

swim for asthma sufferers

Why Must Pool?

1. Swimming can move almost total muscles on the body, starting from the head, neck, upper part of the motion, chest, abdomen, back, waist, the lower part of the motion, and the soles of the feet. time moves in the water, the body excrete more power due must be ‘ against ‘ the mass of water which can strengthen and limber up the muscles of the body.

2. With a swim, respiratory and cardiovascular system can be so powerful. pembuatan kolam renang so much healthier, smoother, and also more length.

3. The movement pushing and kicking the water with hands and feet, can increase blood flow to the heart, blood vessels, and lungs. meaningful, swimming can increasethe strength of heart function as well as the lungs.

4. Swim can relieve stress. the movement worked with swim and enjoy slowly, can add the hormone endorphins in the brain. not only the situation of the liver so cooleras well as more thoughts activities adem, swim away from the taste of the sultry likeother sports.

The 4th reason above already explained so the importance of sports swimming poolto train respiratory, mengilangkan fear and stress for some asthma patients. as is known, too, many athletes swimming champion was once IE patients asthma. These sports also adds to the adrenaline hormone to some patients asthma better able to survive.

The Islamic religion moreover noted so the importance of swimming. the Islamic prophet muhammad. in between: said, “teach your sons horseback riding, swimming and archery.” (narrated by Al-bukhaari and muslim).

swimming pool (approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on the water temperature & Eve).
• Do not forget to bring a towel, baby oil (oil telon), sweaters/jackets, as well as socks.
• Prepare the pureed baby food/milk, another hot favourite for its nutrition value consumption after the swim, so she is not cold and spared from cold/pain.

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