The most beautiful place in Korea as spring

The most beautiful place in Korea as spring

After a winter that makes the environment all in white with snow, spring is a refreshing view.


A variety of colorful flowers all over Korea started to grow and decorate every corner. The scent of the flowers smell in the air, in the middle of the bustle of towns andquiet villages. This made the spring so the one season that loved to visit Korea.


Then, where is a wonderful place to enjoy spring in Korea so that Your holidays in Korea the more charming?


Korea Tourism Organization expose list the best place if you want to enjoy the view of beautiful blooms in the land of Ginseng.


In Seoul, there is a way Yeouiso-ro in the Yeouido area so popular destination for enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms in Korea that bloom from early to mid-April.


Along the way are decorated row of cherry blossom trees are turned into a tunnel of flowers.


At this point it is usually held a festival called Yeouido Spring Flower Festival.


In addition, there are several options elsewhere, such as circular road in Namsan Park (Namsan Park’s circular road), Changgyeonggung Palace, also Seokchonhosu Lakewhich surrounds the Lotte World.


Outside of Seoul, favorite place to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms isJinhae.


Located in the city of Changwon, the whole area of Jinhae decorated by roughly as much as 360 thousand cherry blossom trees are blooming. This is known as the Jinhae Gunhangjae Festival.


Bukit Anmingogae, Garden Jehwangsan and the river Yeojwacheon is the most favorite place for viewing sakura in the region of Jinhae.


In addition, are no less beautiful is The Simni (10ri) Cherry Blossom Road. These roads extending as far as 6 km of the market up to the temple Ssanggyesa Hwagae inHadong, Gyeongsangnam-do. The annual Cherry Blossoms Festival Hwagae held here and offers charming views to its visitors.

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