The Benefits Of Swimming Since The Baby And Kids

Children can be taught to swim since infancy, due to the womb, the baby inside since already had the habit of amniotic fluid is in all 9 months. a baby can be so comfortable and warm in the amniotic fluid. because, the child had the power of instinct to move under water and not afraid of time there in the water, especially in warm water temperature as the temperature of the body.
At the age of approximately four months, a baby already has a ‘ diving reflex ‘ to avoid swallowing water when there’s water. the cause of this at the age of your baby can be very easy to be trained to swim. but after his brain functioned properly, this reflex may disappear gradually, until he can not return studies hold your breath underwater.
To initiate the study of swimming, the first parents should introduce their children to play in the bath or in the plastic. make sure the water is warm enough to wear, namely at least 33 degrees Celsius, until he’s not so cool. This small pool can help introduce the thrill is in the water.
the results of research in melbourne, australia, IQS statistics demonstrate the kids being taught jasa pembuatan kolam renang to swim since the baby higher than children who were not taught to swim or be taught to swim after age 5 years. children’s IQ was measured while they was 10 years old. not just that, the development of the physical, emotional, social andadd either. other studies show that infants are taught to swim more easily than adults, because the baby is not used to having such a danger time factor. again, the baby is also very fond of water until they too are interested are invited to swim. well, this makes it easy to add more studies to swim.
In addition, the newborn to age 3 months can be immediately to the inside of the water without fear of drowning, because at that age, they have many benefits the stepping reflex swim. “stepping value i.e. reflex reflex that accompanies among infants and grasping reflex as well as roads,” explains Dr. karel from pondok indah.
then, when we put the baby under the age of 3 months in the air, the baby can automatically move their feet as oars until the baby is no longer sinking. mention at the age under 3 months, your baby can swim with a primitive style. and what about theinfant reflex after age 3 months when placed in a pool baby? Although reflex disappears, she can still do swimming, although not organized or disheveled. due to the presence of gravity, the child can be pressed from beneath the water until it can float.He can be so excited.


The Benefits Of Swimming For Infants And Children:

* On-site Play
The play does not have to be in the room or in the garden. the swimming pool could also be so exciting playing facilities as well as healthy, but parents have to observea period of time as well as the situation of swimming pools with children’s age, infants/children. do not linger in the air and that are not in the situation both for the child or is no longer good/harm on children.

* Eliminate The Fear Of Water As Well As Foster A Sense Of Courage
Many children do not want to study of swimming due to a fear of water. When the swimming pool activities introduced and socialized since infancy, it no longer takes place. because they are so familiar and accustomed with the outdoor watering. thus can shape children to apply optimistic and not afraid of dealing with the problem.

* Stimulates Motor Reflexes And Physical Changes
Playing with water, the baby develops muscle, joints, maximum body development increases, as well as the body and then then pliable. all components of the body can be trained swimming pool passes to all of the body from the feet, hands, up to the head. Although not just a prime baby techniques so well trained and the durability of her body and then more awake.

* Add IQ
Something to study in Germany mentioned that the baby train for swimming since the age of the beginning was very helpful not just in physical development, but the power to concentrate their brain intelligence as well as the time they entered kindergarten age. the study also States that a child who’s been practicing since the start, especially throughout the first three months of age not just has the potential to become a child has talent, but also more independent and self confident , as well as revealing a higher intelligence than children who are not trained. a slight movement of the body section while you can swim it wants to stimulate the development of the nervous edge. Thus the brain is so much more active and desirable could add his intelligence.

* Sharpening Self-reliance And Self-confidence
According to the results of research in Germany, the children who have been training since the beginning of may more easily to adapt and adjust themselves with the other kids and easily adapt to new environments. the result was the impact of physical healing system of swimming activity

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