Tempo Scan Invite The Community Reduce The Use Of Plastic Bags

Awareness of Indonesia over the impact of the plastic waste is still low, considering the use of plastics in consumption has become a culture in society. Some of the contributing factor, among others, is the lack of source information and a thorough education on the dangers of excessive consumption of plastic. This condition has prompted the Organization of society and the Government not long ago published the policy on plastic bags is not free on February 21, 2016.

The issue of the plastic waste is never quiet be preaching and has always been a lot of talk about global issues to the public, especially in the response and how to reduce the amount. According to Jenna Jembeck (2015), Indonesia is ranked the world’s second producer of plastic waste into the sea to reach 187.2 million tons per year, after China which reached 262.9 million tons per year.
The contribution of these numerical values obtained one of the behavior patterns of consumption the use of disposable plastic bags. The provision of free plastic bags by the perpetrator attempts to affect the behavior of the community in General, thus becoming a barrier to public awareness to reduce the amount of the use of plastic bags.

Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of environment and forestry of the Republic of Indonesia said “as much as 9.85 billion sheets of plastic bags used community Indonesia within one year and this could potentially be a garbage. These conditions are very poor. If we all join in is not responsible, then the generation next generation we will accept the risk of impacts of plastic waste “.

Use of plastic bag reduction efforts through a plastic bag is not free is a preventive action the Government does and is driven by community organizations to suppress the use of plastic bags. “With the existence of this movement, it is hoped the community could reduce the use of disposable plastic bags and switch to use grocery bags that can be used. We encourage manufacturers to cooperate in a plastic bag waste reduction efforts, “said the mother.

PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk, as a company that is dedicated to the improvement of the environment supports government regulation by launching the program ‘ Tempo Scan Love Earth ‘. The program is aligned with the core value of Tempo Scan i.e. beneficial & responsibility.

Tempo Scan ‘ Love Earth ‘ is a program initiative of Tempo Scan in changing the behavior of society Indonesia to reduce the wearing or use of the plastic bags through deals shopping bag Tempo Scan that can be used repeatedly.

Handojo s. Muljadi President Director PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk., saying “the Program is a program of concern environment initiated the Tempo Scan through eco-friendly shopping bags, in cooperation with the partners of the modern retail market. In addition, through the program of Tempo Scan Love Earth, consumers will be encouraged to use environmentally sustainable bags (sustainable campaign) by providing an incentive on while shopping “.

Tempo Scan has prepared a shopping bag 740,000 will be readily available in a modern market outlets-outlets nationwide. In addition can be used repeatedly, consumer or customer faithful Tempo Scan will benefit other, throughout the program lasts for 3 months starting from 1 May to 31 July 2016.

“With the existence of the programme ‘ Tempo Scan Love Earth ‘, hopefully Indonesia can press the number of the use of plastic bags, the public is more wise in using plastic material, and generation next generation we will have a better environment,” Handojo lid.

To find out more about the program’s Tempo Scan Love Earth as well as information and mechanisms in the Tempo mendapatakan shopping Bag

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