Property increase Property Neighboring Batam

Not be denied if the site becomes one of the advantages of property in Batam. And reasonable if in Batam finally became the new location of choice when investors see a property in Singapore or Malaysia where quite expensive. The result: some of the projects from the State of Singapore or Malaysia in Batam partake marketed.

Until the end of the year 2016, Batam of Riau Islands perumahan solo  who entered, according to Paulina, MM Home Property Batam, conditions are not much different from what happened in the previous year.

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It happened not only because of the condition of the macro economy is still recovering, but also because there are some government policy that ultimately shaped the impeding the movement of property sector business in Batam. One was the imposition of BPHTB (the cost of the acquisition of rights to the land and the building).

If Jakarta had already been reduced to 2.5 per cent, however the surrounding Batam and was still perched on the number 4 percent. As well as urging Minister of Agrarian/head of BPN menggratiskan properties under which the price of Rp1 Billion of the cost have not provided a positive signal BPHTB.

Conditions that still have to be coupled with Government policies that are less profitable business in the property sector. Ruslan Weng, a co-founder of PT. RW Prosperous Property, explains, “is supposed to issue a mandatory Annual Authority Money imposition of Batam or UWTO communicated also with businessmen.”

For information, UWTO is the money that must be paid to the land Manager rights owner BP Batam (Batam Authority) in a certain amount, depending on the location and area of the land.

And if UWTO has not been extended, automatic land owned by individuals or companies – good – can not be transacted. That is why, both Paulina or Ruslan Weng who is also Chairman of DPD AREBI Kepri, appealed so that local Government can provide relief to this problem.

But the interesting thing about the development of the property business in Batam is precisely derived from the existence of a positive impact from the movement of business property which is in the neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam.

Automatically, the positive impact of high property developments that exist in the third countries of the positive affect to the property in Batam. That’s what caused the price of property units in Batam is quite high compared to other areas, though with the same specs or not much different.

Take for example a shop with standard size 5x15m, Batam Centre in Nagoya and pegged at IDR 1-2 billion. While for the same size but with a pretty good location, then the price could Rp 3.5 – 4 billion with the same size.

While residential location for many interested in Batam is housing-housing located adjacent to an industrial area. For example, housing in the Sukajadi, Accompanying, and Silapang.

Price range of homes in these three locations are: If housing in Sukajadi with standard size with 2 bedrooms dibanderol sell at a price above the Rp600 millions. Temporary housing in the Selopang size 1000m2 valued at Rp 1 to 3 billion. In housing, accompanying a Golden City, the price of a House with 3 bedrooms, for sale with a price of Rp700 million to 1 billion.

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