Less Socializing, Employment Program Delete BPJS DP Home

Facilities grant of Advance housing (PUMP) from the organizers of social security (BPJS) Employment been terminated since almost two years ago. The decision to this facility being stopped by the Government on the basis of several considerations.

The head of the Communication Division of the BPJS Employment Abdul Latief said, possibly one of the considerations due to the many participants who do not yet know. As a result, not many are utilizing these facilities that actually make it easier for the participants.

It also acknowledged the still minimal participants who utilize the perumahan di solo merapi arsita graha  facilities for the purchase of a home down payment, because most likely one of them is also due to the lack of Employment to do the BPJS socialization.

“Not too many who know of its existence and also make use of them. Because there is a lot of information may not have been reserved, and may we also lack socialization. It can be so.

It could be also the procedure ribet. Finally our same evaluated and related Government to agree to be eliminated, “he said when contacted by the Okezone in Jakarta, Thursday (29/12/2016).

Boiled Lower Mortgage Rates

Instead, he said, in October 2015 BPJS Employment develop new facilities i.e. in cooperation with PT Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk (BBTN) through the Housing Worker Cooperation Bank (PPKSB).

Its schema is different from the previous facility, with the aim of providing relief from the interest rate mortgages (MORTGAGE) for the participants of the BPJS employment.

“Well, now it’s already a year has emerged again. It was proof that Government and we heard the aspirations of the participants. That turned out to be the program before, “he said.

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