Ladies, Be Careful Not To Meet This Fraudulent Traders

Shopping in a market echoing gives many advantages. In addition to can can at cheap prices, then we can still bargaining the price with the seller. Just do not let us off guard when transacting. If not careful, you could be fooled and framed by traders who cheat.

A camera recording showing the fraudulent action of a trader’s fish promo alfamidi in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Seen the merchant weighed the purchasers order. However, with his hand so deftly, he in fact performs the action.

After considering the buyer orders, the trader cheated it mewadahinya in the plastic SAC. But who would have thought it turned out he was more used to prepare the plastic pouch containing the fish either what is beside it.

With fast, he swapped the order the buyer with the fish in plastic pouches that already he has prepared in advance. In the meantime the buyer does not appear to be aware of the fraudulent action of the traders. See from the way the traders doing the action, clearly visible if he had enough trained and often doing the cheating.

The video was so a reminder to all of us to be more careful while buying fish, food, or anything. Especially if there are transactions in the process of weighing activities and put it in a plastic pouch. Lest we be deceived by traders like the one in the video.
Following a number of tips that we can follow to avoid cheating and fraud merchant action like the one in the video. First, make sure the items weighed is the stuff that really you choose and the message. Second, make sure you see the process when traders enter barangmu in the plastic SAC. Third, check again the new stuff you buy before leaving the merchants and sellers.

Indeed not all traders do such fraudulent action to increase profits. There are still honest traders and trading the halal way. The video is only to be used as a reminder that we as buyers can be more caution when transacting.

Sadly Yes certainly if rigged such traders. Do you have experience of rigged merchant or harmed by traders, Ladies?

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