John Petrucci Admire Mike Mangini In New Album Dream Theater

John Petrucci Admire Mike Mangini In New Album Dream Theater

John Petrucci along with Dream Theater will be releasing his new album, the follow-up to the album A Dramatic Turn of Events which would be released late this summer.
In this album the new drummer Mike Mangini joined since 2010 and then got the chance jual gitar akustik elektrik
to fill a Prime and write its own garapanya trecks drum having previously always written by Mike Portnoy. on this album John Petrucci got amazed by the work of gebugan drum Mangini.
“We have been in the studio for a few weeks and she is so incredible. There is a great chemistry. He could let his personality shines as a drummer, a very creative and musikalitasnya truly reflected, “he said cited Ultimate Guitar, Tuesday (7/4).
No wonder petrucci the guitarist to very very pede with his new album is “anyone who heard the pounding drums on this album will be created panic,” he said.

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Mami sasazaki “Oira” pretty Japanese Guitarist who has the best guitar playing skills amongst the girls Scandal Band Japan, SCANDAL is a pop/rock band from Osaka, Japan, whose members consist of 5 women namely Haruna Ono, Tomomi Ogawa (vocals) (bassist), Mami Sasazaki (lead guitar), and Rina Suzuki (drums). A SCANDAL terbentu since August 2006 when they were still in high school and every penampilanya is identical to the HIGH SCHOOL uniform costume.

Aichi Prefecture,21-born girl of May 1990 is the lead guitar vocals of SCANDALBand &, ability to play the guitar in Mami already no doubt, even the girl who called herself “Oira” it often makes amazed spectators when performing on stage playing the guitar solo with friends 1bandya pegemar anime Chick, especially One Piece and Bleach have a jolly personal figure when outside the stage. not only that he can also play the drums, has a dream of becoming a professional seiyuu.

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