Equinox in different parts of the world

Equinox in different parts of the world

Equinox is the event when the Sun crosses the Equator on a periodic basis which takes place twice a year, in March and September.


In Indonesia, equinox occurs on March 20-21, 2017 and estimated on September 23.


When the Sun is directly in the line of the equator, the duration of day and night inall parts of the Earth are relatively the same, including in the area of subtropical in the North and South.


In the northern hemisphere, the equinox of March marking the spring starts, sdangkan in the South into the autumn equinox.


The name “equinsox comes from the latin, which means “equal night”, or the equivalent of the night.


Quoted from the Telegraph pages, equinox is not always lasted exactly 12 hours ofdaylight. Solstice, Solstice, equinox and became the main marker of the astronomical cycles of the Earth.


Equinox and solstice dates are not always the same because it affected the orbits ofthe Earth to the Sun. When orbit, the Earth is closest to the Sun (perihelion) while January and are far in July (aphelion).


Equinox is also used as a marker of the turn of the seasons, the season could mean a cooler or warmer.


Equinox takes place at the same time around the world. This year, occurred at 10 GMT.


What happens in other countries when the equinox?


1. The season of sakura Japan
In Japan, Spring means the country turned pink because the cherry blossoms are blooming.


The joy of welcoming sakura also broadcast in weather forecasts that showed the changes before to bloom.


2. The Festival of Holi
Full color, Holi Festival, celebrated when approaching equinoix.


Hindu celebration of the now popular all over the world, including English cuisine. Holi is celebrated in much of India and Nepal, involving song and dance.


The most famous festival of Holi when participants threw each other in color, ranging from a colored powder, water, until the balloons contain watercolors.


The Festival is a symbol of kindness trumps evil and spring replacing winter.


3. Vacation
In the United States, Spring means vacations for students, identical to the beach and party.

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