Divaldi Small, Guitarist Addina Indonesia With A Legato Speed

Divaldi Small, Guitarist Addina Indonesia With A Legato Speed

A young Indonesian chick Rock Guitarist who was only 11 years old but it has skil speed guitar Legato. very very awesome if at the appeal of a young age guitarist is Divaldi Addina, he started learning the guitar and Musical Instrument introduction on specifics since the age of 4 years. Started doing Finger Formation at the beginning of the age of 5 years. Start learning and practicing Music more Teorical technique on the guitar from the age of 6 years. Song or “Lick” is played or trained more into technical speed Legato.

Small original jakarta that guitarists often dubbed The Little Shredder is very, very shrewd in jual gitar akustik murah
playing the guitar, often creating an audience terkgum he often amazed while watching the fingers of its fingers dancing on top of the finger board guitar. various techniques he already mastered guitar start from sweep picking, speed picking arpeggios as well as the most difficult engineering yaiti legato speed though.

With the very young age of Addina Divaldi, are able to collaborate with guitarist Canada and Usa as seen on a video site Break. com, really excellent video video games instead, his guitar in any uploaded to youtube in watch thousands of onlookers, as Indonesia (Pusaka Rock Cover versions, 3 Strings Arpeggios-Cover Yngwie, Plays Killer Licks (Yngwie Cover) and many more other ranks which is certainly no less interesting.

Do not stop until here thanks to his achievements in playing the guitar Divaldi Addina succeeded in daulat as Carparelli Guitars Endorsement

YUI Yoshioka or many who call Yoshioka Yui is a Female There and also Japan Artist who has a Very cute face and also a multi talent, a lot of people call it the owner of the above “wind talents in every song and song launch albunya yui always dominate the charts in Japan and abroad, not only that yui is also a composer of music.

Girl birth March 26, 1987 it started trying to write his first song when he was in 3rd grade JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL until entering high school. However, yui decided to get out of school to pursue his goal of being American, and began studying singing, writing songs and playing guitar in place of Fukuoka City music courses.

Often in order to train her mental Yui singing on the sidewalk in the area of Tenjin, Fukuoka with a rendition of his titled ” Why me ” with friends one place his musical course. until finally scrapped i.e. yui become a champion in the event at the “SD Audition” the d slenggarakan by Sony Music Japan (March 2004).

It is these achievements thanks to the many record companies are scrambling to sign and mengorbitkannya, by the keberangkatanya leave the hometown pages yui wrote a song “Feel My Soul” as a tribute to his hometown, Fukuoka. and it turns out that a producer from Fuji TV television station heard the music video demo of the song, and instantly making it the theme song of the drama series on Fuji TV. The debut single and apparently sold over 200 thousand copies.
Not only that, in the second album, Can’t Buy My Love yui successfully topped the Oricon charts for two consecutive weeks, and more than 500,000 copies of the bestselling sold. and in his ninth single, which give the title “My Generation/Understand” at once soundrtak to serial drama Seitosho-kun, and “Understand”

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