Property increase Property Neighboring Batam

Not be denied if the site becomes one of the advantages of property in Batam. And reasonable if in Batam finally became the new location of choice when investors see a property in Singapore or Malaysia where quite expensive. The result: some of the projects from the State of Singapore or Malaysia in Batam partake marketed.

Until the end of the year 2016, Batam of Riau Islands perumahan solo  who entered, according to Paulina, MM Home Property Batam, conditions are not much different from what happened in the previous year.

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It happened not only because of the condition of the macro economy is still recovering, but also because there are some government policy that ultimately shaped the impeding the movement of property sector business in Batam. One was the imposition of BPHTB (the cost of the acquisition of rights to the land and the building).

If Jakarta had already been reduced to 2.5 per cent, however the surrounding Batam and was still perched on the number 4 percent. As well as urging Minister of Agrarian/head of BPN menggratiskan properties under which the price of Rp1 Billion of the cost have not provided a positive signal BPHTB.

Conditions that still have to be coupled with Government policies that are less profitable business in the property sector. Ruslan Weng, a co-founder of PT. RW Prosperous Property, explains, “is supposed to issue a mandatory Annual Authority Money imposition of Batam or UWTO communicated also with businessmen.”

For information, UWTO is the money that must be paid to the land Manager rights owner BP Batam (Batam Authority) in a certain amount, depending on the location and area of the land.

And if UWTO has not been extended, automatic land owned by individuals or companies – good – can not be transacted. That is why, both Paulina or Ruslan Weng who is also Chairman of DPD AREBI Kepri, appealed so that local Government can provide relief to this problem.

But the interesting thing about the development of the property business in Batam is precisely derived from the existence of a positive impact from the movement of business property which is in the neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam.

Automatically, the positive impact of high property developments that exist in the third countries of the positive affect to the property in Batam. That’s what caused the price of property units in Batam is quite high compared to other areas, though with the same specs or not much different.

Take for example a shop with standard size 5x15m, Batam Centre in Nagoya and pegged at IDR 1-2 billion. While for the same size but with a pretty good location, then the price could Rp 3.5 – 4 billion with the same size.

While residential location for many interested in Batam is housing-housing located adjacent to an industrial area. For example, housing in the Sukajadi, Accompanying, and Silapang.

Price range of homes in these three locations are: If housing in Sukajadi with standard size with 2 bedrooms dibanderol sell at a price above the Rp600 millions. Temporary housing in the Selopang size 1000m2 valued at Rp 1 to 3 billion. In housing, accompanying a Golden City, the price of a House with 3 bedrooms, for sale with a price of Rp700 million to 1 billion.

Less Socializing, Employment Program Delete BPJS DP Home

Facilities grant of Advance housing (PUMP) from the organizers of social security (BPJS) Employment been terminated since almost two years ago. The decision to this facility being stopped by the Government on the basis of several considerations.

The head of the Communication Division of the BPJS Employment Abdul Latief said, possibly one of the considerations due to the many participants who do not yet know. As a result, not many are utilizing these facilities that actually make it easier for the participants.

It also acknowledged the still minimal participants who utilize the perumahan di solo merapi arsita graha  facilities for the purchase of a home down payment, because most likely one of them is also due to the lack of Employment to do the BPJS socialization.

“Not too many who know of its existence and also make use of them. Because there is a lot of information may not have been reserved, and may we also lack socialization. It can be so.

It could be also the procedure ribet. Finally our same evaluated and related Government to agree to be eliminated, “he said when contacted by the Okezone in Jakarta, Thursday (29/12/2016).

Boiled Lower Mortgage Rates

Instead, he said, in October 2015 BPJS Employment develop new facilities i.e. in cooperation with PT Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk (BBTN) through the Housing Worker Cooperation Bank (PPKSB).

Its schema is different from the previous facility, with the aim of providing relief from the interest rate mortgages (MORTGAGE) for the participants of the BPJS employment.

“Well, now it’s already a year has emerged again. It was proof that Government and we heard the aspirations of the participants. That turned out to be the program before, “he said.

Agung Podomoro go to eCommerce Business

Agung Podomoro go to eCommerce Business

Welcome the year 2017, Trade Mall (TM) Agung Podomoro create a buzz recently for encouraging business growth. In 2017, the Agung Podomoro will make e-commerce which in it contains items from the tenant in TM Agung Podomoro.

It disclosed Ho Mely Surjani as Assistant Vice President Marketing TM Podomoro. According to him, e-commerce is intended so that goods from tenant TM Agung Podomoro not only sold conventionally.

“This E-commerce does not sell its own goods like e-commerce that had already existed, but will sell merchandise owned tenant-tenant incorporated in TM Podomoro. So, later the tenant we don’t just trade conventionally but online, “said Ho Mely Surjani APL Tower.

Currently, there is a tenant in the 30,000 10 TM Podomoro. For the initial stage, this e-commerce will be offered on existing tenant-tenant in three trade mall in Jakarta, namely TM LTC Glodok, Mas, and Walnut TM TM Harco Glodok.

“E-commerce it will sell equipment and electronic goods. Will be developing towards more specific such as batik or muslim clothes, “added Ho Mely Surjani.

Approximately 1,000 tenant is expected to be joined in the early stages of establishment of a start-up. Launching of the plan, will be carried out on a two-semester 2017. To smooth the TM program, Great Podomoro partnership with IT consulting and e-commerce expert Ken Dean Lawadinata, formerly known as the CEO of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia, Kaskus.

TM Podomoro now manage 10th trade mall in Jakarta and Balikpapan i.e. CE block M Square, Mangga Dua Square TM, TM Lindeteves Trade Center (LTC) Harco Glodok, Glodok TM, TM, TM Kalibata Mas Walnut City, TM, TM Thamrin Seasons City, CE Block B Tanah Abang, and TM Plaza Balikpapan.

Merchant Focus On SMES

The concept of trade mall different from the mall which is more the focus of selling branded goods famous Trade mall-based kiosks on the set of small medium enterprises (SMEs) that offer a variety of quality goods. Thus, the presence of e-commerce is expected to progressively expand market share of SMES from the tenant TM Podomoro.

“For a successful online business, traders must also have a means of offline (outlet). If you already have a means of offline, then online business would be easier to run, “said Mely.

According to Mely Podomoro, TM is now not only crowded the buyer from Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia, but also tourists from five continents. Trade mall Blok B Tanah Abang has now become a tourist destination shopping abroad to Jakarta, such as from China, Africa, and Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qotar, and Dubai.

“Blusukan President Jokowi with the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte on last September has increased the awareness of the community if TM Blocks B Tanah Abang grocery Center was the largest in Southeast Asia,” said Mely.

While TM Mangga Dua Square is famous as a center of trade eaglewood visited the Arabs. TM Season City which is famous as a center of gems much visited by tourists Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, TM Thamrin City iconic muslim clothes batik and trading in Jakarta very favored traders from Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and parts of Africa.

Things are different with TM Lindeteves Trade Center (LTC) Glodok, West Jakarta, which sells devices/gadgets carpentry, spare parts, water treatment, automotive parts, power generator/generator, electronic – electrical equipment and supplies, and safety equipment as the preferred retailer of China, Australia, America, New Zealand, Europe and Asia among others.

In addition, the existence of the facilities and budget 3 star hotel and 4 such as Novotel Hotel at a number of trade has encouraged trade mall mall shopping tourism destinations being.

The presence of e-commerce is expected to facilitate the tourists shopping. Because, in every trade mall is equipped with the services of the expedition. The tourists had returned to their home countries can still shop for goods that once she while visiting online through means and can be sent via the service expeditions.