Indonesia, the mosaics are torn apart

“Different but still Musuhan As” this sentence is in one of the installation made by Arcadia Architect. The installation entitled “Broken Mozaic” Taman Suropati showcased in this Playful program became part of the Urban Intervention in a series of eventsin Jakarta Architecture Triennale (JAT) 2015 initiated by bonds of Indonesia (IAI) Architect.

In this paper you will see pieces of writing that describes the situation of a society split. In the middle of a conflict condition because of different tribes, religions and interests, there are only busy with its own interests, there is an attempt to record and there is no matter, as well as some are complaining. Indifference is what makes the Union increasingly tenuous and mosaics that become whole, torn and detached.

Installation in public space into a glassy room, where people can ask themselves, whether including citizens who participate or not in the loss of that mosaic. Whether You belong to the section thus does not concern the conflict that brought about because of the difference? This installation invites the public to contemplate, in the sebuaha garden, in public space jasa pembuatan taman semarang that provides a place to stop for a moment of frenziedviolence.

To reaffirm the atmosphere of the beach, Padma planting various kinds of plants typical of the coast such as Cocos nucifera (coconut ivory), as well as other types of plants such as combining Ptychosperma macarthurii (Japan Palm) and Phoenix roebelenii.
Other supporting aspects that are applied on the grounds it was enlightening, especially to add to the atmosphere of “dramatic” at night, as well as a gazebo to relax unwind while enjoying the beauty of the garden.
Who says presents a vertical garden in the House was difficult? Maria Luthfisani creations from MLA Design can accommodate the needs of a plant lover loved the waypractical and easy.

Garden By The Bay, Retrace Parks In Singapore

Vacation to Singapore not complete it seemed if not visit the famous Marina Bay area. Not far from there, there is a garden with the beautiful architecture of the building is complete with thousands of types of horticulture. Is the Garden by the Bay, one of Singapore’s most popular tourist attractions which officially opened in 2012. This place is a manifestation of the development of the Singapore Botanical Garden, with a collection of various kinds of subtropical plants are full of flowers and colors.

The two domes inside wave-shaped Conservatory contains approximately 200 thousand of rare and interesting jasa pembuatan taman plants. Each Dome, i.e. Flower Dome, contains collections of subtropical plants and Cloud Forest contains a collection of tropical plants. Each group of types of plants arranged in the application of the exotic and spectacular displays interesting and not boring dish.

Arrangement of plants in Flower Dome designed themed, with a period of time which can be replaced according to the theme you want. While different atmosphere found in Cloud Forest, where visitors “surprised” with the artificial Cliff scenery filled with tropical plants across its surface.

Setup like this imagined atmosphere of a tropical rainforest landscapes that characterize the habitat of plants in tropical environment. Various kinds of paku, a Begonia-pakuan, Philidendron, palms, and orchids coloring glamour vertical garden.

In addition to the two domed Conservatory, there are other interesting things in this area namely Supertree Grove, in the form of a garden with giant trees (giant tree).Tree canopy-shaped framework this framework functions as a plant vines at once as a structural brace for vines. This perambat structure together with the dome of the Conservatory became an icon of the Garden by the Bay.

If you want to see the garden view from a height, you can go to Skyway with the down ramp that connects the columns of the canopy. From the direction of the Park around the area of Supertree Grove, could be seen views of the buildings iconic Marina Bay Sand right face. Lighting at dusk and at night becomes a sensation and other exciting adventure to be enjoyed.